I have been thinking about my relationship to embodiment lately. I would like to become more attuned to the experience of my own embodiment. This seems to be the throughline into my need for being more present, which has been a part of integrating with my shadow. Earlier today I…

I woke up with a start in the middle of the night to an alarming dream. In the dream, I was driving down the highway, when I was alerted to brake at an obstruction in the road. When I pressed the brakes, however, there was little let-up in the speed…

I do not feel motivated to write today. I do not feel motivated to do very much. Overall, I feel pretty frayed and unhinged, with a streak of apathy. Thumos levels are down. I hope this changes later, but maybe it won’t.

In last week’s entry, I made mention of…

The ocean is a desert with it’s life underground

And a perfect disguise above

Under the cities lies a heart made of ground

But the humans will give no love

You see I’ve been through the desert

On a horse with no name

It felt good to be out of…

Last week I was in a lot of emotional pain, and wrote an entry in response to a need for getting in right relationship with it. I arrived at the notion that purposeful pain meant taking the energy of pain and using that as fuel to catalyze transformation. It is…

Real work works on the worker. There is an inner component to external work. Unlike work that can be measured, inner work hides the worker inside the workshop. This is the cultivation of virtue.

Virtue is not the adoption of ethics. Virtue is not found in the utterance of words. Virtue is not what virtue claims to be. Virtue is the moment claims of virtue cease to be.

Empathy is the phenomenon of dissolving emotional boundaries past the threshold of one’s own self-concern. Empathy is not, however, entirely selfless. This is because the very concepts of selflessness and selfishness lose their distinctions in empathetic relating. This is approaching the love of the mystic, which is not merely a matter of degree of empathy, but of dimension.

Ponder the sage who says: “When you first meet him, he may seem to be different from you. He is not. He may seem to be very much like you. He is not”.

Kevin Folz

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